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Roman Emperors
History, facts and information about the good, bad and downright evil rulers of Ancient Rome - the Roman Emperors. Their story begins with the dictator Julius Caesar who was followed by his great Nephew Octavian who would become the first Roman Emperor, taking the name Augustus Caesar.  The content of this website provides comprehensive details of the Roman Emperors including facts and information about

Ancient Roman Emperors
The Roman Emperor Vespasian and his son Titus constructed the Roman Colosseum, built with the proceeds of money taken from Jerusalem. Many Roman Emperors enjoyed the spectacles that the Colosseum had to offer and many of the games were financed by the emperors themselves in order to gain favor with the 'mob'.

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Roman Emperors

There was even an Emperor who took great delight in participating in the games held at the Colosseum - the Emperor Commodus - who was featured in the  movie Gladiator starring Russell Crowe. Much of the movie was fiction rather than fact, for instance, chariots were never used in the Colosseum.

This section features the history, facts and information about the famous Roman Emperors together with short biographies and facts about the part the Roman Emperors played in the persecution of the Christians and the history of the Colosseum and ancient Rome. A Short Biography, Interesting facts and information about the emperors of Ancient Rome.

Roman Emperors
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Roman Emperors History, Facts and Information
Short Biographies of Roman Emperors

Roman Emperors of the Julian-Claudian Dynasty 27 BC to AD 68

Julius Caesar (Dictator)

The Year of the Four Emperors 68 - 69 AD Beginning of the Flavian Dynasty

Roman Emperors of the Flavian Dynasty 69AD - 96AD

Five Good Emperors and the Nervan / Antonine Dynasty (96192)

Roman Emperors of the Antonine Dynasty

Lucius Verus ( ruled jointly with Marcus Aurelius)

Year of the Five Emperors (192 - 193)

Severan dynasty (193 - 235)

Caracalla (ruled with Geta)

Geta (ruled with Caracalla)

Diadumenian (son of Macrinus)

Crisis of the Third Century Year of the Six Emperors (238)

Start of the Barracks Emperors (238 - 268)

Barracks Emperors (238 - 268)

Pacatian (usurper)

Jotapian (usurper)

Volusian (joint ruler with father Trebonianus Gallus)

Gallic Roman Emperors (260 - 273)

Salonina Augusta (Empress)

Valerian II









Tetricus I

Tetricus II

Illyrian Roman Emperors (268 - 285)

Zenobia (Empress)

Roman Empire split into the  Western and Eastern Roman Empire in 285AD

Roman Emperors of the Constantinian dynasty (285 - 364)

Carausius (usurper)

Allectus (usurper)

Maxentius (usurper)

Decentius (usurper)

Roman Emperors of the Valentinian dynasty (364 - 394)

Procopius (usurper)

Magnus (usurper)

Flavius Victor (usurper)

Roman Emperors of the Western Empire (394 - 476)


Roman Emperors - the Caesars
The word "Caesar" was originally the name of an aristocratic patrician family of ancient Rome, the most famous being the dictator Julius Caesar who seized power when Rome was still a republic. The adopted son of Julius Caesar was Octavian who became the first Roman Emperor, taking the name Augustus Caesar, and all of the successors in the family used the name Caesar. The term became synonymous with the Roman Emperors and each succeeding emperor retained the name "Caesar" as part of their title.

Information and Facts about the Roman Emperors
The content of this category on the Emperors of Ancient Rome provides free educational details, facts and information for reference and research for schools, colleges and homework. Refer to the Colosseum Sitemap for a comprehensive search on interesting different categories containing the history, facts and information about the all powerful Emperors of Ancient Rome.


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Roman Emperors

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Roman Emperors